Themes and Topics

Following themes broadly describe the focus areas of deliberations, with a certain degree of overlapping. The structure has been deliberately kept flexible and will evolve depending on research contributions received from participants.

Water Resources: Availability, Exploration, Management, Quality
  • Water Quantity- Gaps in Demand & Supply in Various Sectors
  • Water Exploration & Management- Latest Trends in Surface & Ground Water
  • Water Quality Management
  • Water Quality Criteria for Various Uses-Present Status
  • Global Climate Changes & Impact on Water Resource Management

Additional Resource Creation- Rainwater Harvesting
  • Sustainable Urban Drainage- Designing for Exceedance in Spectre of Frequent Drought
  • Latest Rainwater Harvesting Concepts
  • Developing Area Specific Rainwater Harvesting Approach
  • Plugging Rainwater Harvesting Loopholes & Ensuring Implementation

Additional Resource Creation- Reuse, Recycle & NRW Reduction
  • Waste to Water
  • Reduction of Corporate Water Footprint - ZLD / Water Reuse
  • Efficient Network Management - Reduction of NRW / UFW
  • Water Leakage Detection/ Prevention Technologies

Waste Management
  • Solid & Liquid Waste Management
  • Industrial Wastes
  • Best Practices, PPP Models, Case Studies, Community Participation
  • Biomass, Biofuels and Bio energy production
  • Energy Recovery
  • Landfills (& Leachate), Composting, Recycling

Water, Sanitation and Health
  • Safe and Affordable Drinking Water for All
  • Adequate and Equitable Sanitation
  • Water and Public Health
  • Water Leakages, Wastages, Poor Water Management

Emerging Technologies & Concepts
  • Automation and Sensors for Monitoring Water Quality, Leaks, Energy, Flood Predictions, and Other Parameters
  • Nature-Based Solutions for Water Sector
  • Decentralizing Water Supply Systems
  • Green Infrastructure
  • Adaptive Water Management
  • Salinity Management, Desalination
  • Utilities and Utility Management
  • Sea Level Rise and Coastal Zone Management
  • Preserving Oceans & Other Water Bodies as Carbon Sinks

Enhancing Water Use Efficiency
  • Water Efficiency Including Water Footprint and Virtual Water Calculations
  • More Crop Per Drop- Agriculture Sector
  • Emerging Irrigation Technologies
  • Protected Cultivation Technology
  • Techniques to Save Runoff Rainwater
  • Multipurpose Role of Village Ponds to Augment Water
  • Water Use Efficiency in Domestic Sector
  • Transportation and Distribution of Water
  • Municipal Water Management

Financial, Institutional, Legal & Policy Issues
  • Water Policy and Water Usage Reform
  • Water Rights, Pricing & Laws
  • Government's Role in Water Management
  • Water Access as a Fundamental Right
  • Laws to Prevent Pollution of Water Bodies & Aquifers
  • Municipalities and Sustainable Water Management at Local Level
  • Water Infrastructure – investment and Financing